Inebriate Revolution

A soused celebration of sober deliberations

Calligraphy by Julie Werth

Shortly after midnight, Alexander “Broadway” Hamilton & “Sir” Aaron Burr took the stage for Ye Olde Karaoke Night.

On Friday, Sept. 14, 1787 at the City Tavern located just four blocks from Independence Hall, George Washington and the guys with whom he crossed the Delaware drank the bar dry.


Balance Is Bias

Don’t complain about both-sides-ism, call it out

(Photo by Oksana Taran on Unsplash)

On it’s face, this piece from The Atlantic makes sense:

Of course conservatives and liberals are wrong about each other. We don’t understand our fellow humans across a whole range of areas, including race, gender, politics and more. Particularly now, when we’ve segregated ourselves socially, geographically and by media provider.

The Bipartisanship Myth

You can’t serve We The People if you don’t believe in “we”

Photo from WikiMedia Commons (photographer unknown)

I have a smart, well-meaning and very caps-positive Facebook friend who often posts some variation on the following:


He’s right, of course. Except he’s isn’t.


A Dog’s Life

The world can be a scary place for a dog

After a day of aerobic anxiety, Nick needs his sleep. (photo by the author)

This is a repost of my inaugural story last December. If I understand the rules, it’s OK as long as I delete the original. It’s also not on the Partner Program, so no money will be changing hands in any event.

Update: the nerves in Nick’s back are degenerating and…

A Writer’s Life

Lost claps, wasted time, and the best Constitution-based ménage à trois joke ever

Photo by Edna Winti from WikiMedia Commons

The problem with writers’ blogs is they’re always written by successful and talented people. This makes them intimidating and — if I’m to be honest — kind of discouraging.

Maybe what the world needs is one by somebody who isn’t very good at it and makes you feel better about…

Pitfalls of Faith

The mental gene pool needs infusions of new ideas

Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

Religious figures peddling outlandish nonsense isn’t uniquely American. But here in God Bless the U.S.A. they’re influential figures with huge followings and bank accounts to match.

Religion is weird.

I hope nobody’s offended, because it’s objectively true. The proof is easy — most religious people find other faiths weird, so…

Music and the older man

I’d like to expand my musical horizons, but it’s a struggle

Photo by Jacob Norrie on Unsplash

While wandering the Internets, I stumbled upon a rapper with the fanciful handle of Doja Cat.

“OK,” says I, “that’s an interesting name. Let’s check out this song and see what the kids are up to.”

So, how to describe the result? Most charitably, it’s an attractive young lady performing…

Bad faith

Religious liberty doesn’t mean you always get your way

Joy to the world, the Lord has come! Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead | WikiMedia Commons

Why did the Puritans go to America and the convicts to Australia? Because Australia won the coin toss.

Marjorie Taylor Greene recently tweeted a photo of herself at home. She was reading a Bible, with maybe a half-dozen crosses on the wall behind her and not much room for more.

John Werth

Musician and conductor, repairer of woodwinds, owner of dogs, former band director, lapsed mathematician, and scribbler of thoughts.

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