Funny Money

Sometimes it pays to not trust the experts

Image by Here and now, unfortunately, ends my journey on Pixabay from Pixabay

Full disclosure: I don’t know anything about economics or international trade, but somehow I’m usually right when it comes to things like the recent rash of supply-chain bottlenecks.

No prizes for figuring it out, though. It’s too damn obvious.

For heaven’s sake, it only took one ship stuck in the…

Poe’s Law

It’s unconscionable the Woke Brownshirts want Trump off the ballot just because he’s dead

President Trump deplaning from Air Force One on his way to the CPAC conference in Moscow | Photo by David Mark from Pixabay

Suppose Trump died in office, but QAnon announced he would be resurrected/turn out not to be dead after his reelection. If his popularity remained high, how would the right pitch the idea of voting for his remains?

April 13th, 2027

America is in trouble.

This election is a test for…

Poe’s Law

Republicans can’t vote if they’re dead

From WikiMedia Commons

The left is trying to convince Trump supporters not to get Trump’s vaccine.

Everybody knows how closely divided American politics is, and in this situation it’s tempting to game the system. There are are several options. You can get more of your people to vote, or try to keep the…

Freedom, not Freedumb

Building a notion of “personal liberty” that actually works

Photo by tom coe on Unsplash, with additions by the author.

No right is absolute. It’s not a matter of black and white options, it’s a question of lines and where we draw them.

Resolved: everyone should be a libertarian…for a while.

It’s healthy for young people to discover Ayn Rand or Robert Heinlein or Rush and be interested in the merits of this philosophy. They should talk about…


When the band you’re in starts playing different tunes, I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon

Photo by Marcela Vitória on Unsplash

Quick quiz: which was more important to the Pink Floyd sound, David Gilmour’s guitar and vocals, or Roger Waters’ songwriting and megalomania?

Answer: Rick Wright’s keyboards.

Right off the top, let me say I know the Floyd is a band critics love to hate, so writing about them is moderately…

Being Less Dickish

When you can be a jerk is exactly when you shouldn’t be

By Becker1999 from WikiMedia

You know those videos of people screaming at a store employee or flight attendant trying to enforce a mask rule? Or at a checkout clerk because the store is out of an item? Let me now express my opinion of these jerks:

I am opposed to the death penalty. …

A Writer’s Life

You never know when lightning will strike

Screenshot from author’s computer

In the week before September 15th, the anniversary of my father’s death, I felt compelled to pen a story in memoriam. After several days and many hours of labor, the result was a heartfelt, moving, and dare I say well-nigh poetic ode. It was published in ILLUMINATION and curated. …

Distress your housekeeping

Self-help from someone who can’t help himself

Photo by Thomas Dumortier on Unsplash

I’ve been reading self-help articles. Probably a mistake, but I did learn a few things. Like that clutter is stressful…to people who write self-help articles.

Screw that. You know what’s really stressful? Keeping the house clean enough to satisfy you goddamn neat freaks.

De-stress the Clutter

It’s so easy for you, skipping through…

Rivers run through me

Also, defending the indefensible: why I love Arby’s

The author and his father with a king salmon from the Klutina River in Alaska. Pops caught it, but after a 45 minute fight his arms were too tired to hold it up.

“We Have The Meats!”

Yes, it’s Arby’s, the red-meatheaded stepchild of America’s junk food industrial complex. The whipping boy of late-night comedians, where being inside means a statistically significant likelihood you are a Republican. Home to maybe a dozen varieties of animal protein, yet nearly devoid of vegetables.

And one…

The Arts

Vincent van Gogh and me

Vincent van Gogh, “Self-Portrait With a Bandaged Ear” | photo by Jean Carlo Emer on Unsplash

See if you can guess my name. I’m mostly famous for who I was once attached to, and you probably wouldn’t recognize me on the street. After we split my former partner stayed in the news but I mostly dropped out of sight.

And no, not Art Garfunkel! Why do…

John Werth

Musician and conductor, repairer of woodwinds, owner of dogs, former band director, lapsed mathematician, and scribbler of thoughts.

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