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You might have thought racist freeways and Black people yelling at White ones who just want to touch their hair were absurd. Turns out, not so much. It’s why I’m writing this: maybe watching an old White guy stumble through his learning process will be instructive.

Relationship News

Sometimes you just have to give up

Quinn Dombrowski | WikiMedia Commons


A political fable

“Saturn Devouring His Son” by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, from WikiMedia Commons


Also, the day I found the magic political decoder ring and realized America was done for

Save us all from Satan’s pow’r source… (WikiMedia Commons)

America is a dead country walking because conservative politics is literally inseparable from religion.


Straight talk from a childless friend

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Everyone acts like you’ve done something clever. It’s not exactly a mystery, you’ve just successfully completed the IKEA project that is BÄBI: insert Tab A into Slot B, then wait nine months. You don’t even need a little wrench.


Beware the gray menace!

Mike’s Birds from WikiMedia Commons


Even if they’re from my own imagination

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The Environment

Mother Nature doesn’t play favorites

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Modern love

Maybe it’s time to look the other direction!

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John Werth

Musician and conductor, repairer of woodwinds, owner of dogs, former band director, lapsed mathematician, and scribbler of thoughts.

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